Larc (Mis)adventure

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Note to self ... come in change down as soon as it starts honking!

I actually had a great day. It was my first time out in surf on my Tabou Rocket - sail surfing. The wind started out light, so I would slog out and then have just enough power to plane along the waves. The sets were nice and clean and were very easy to ride in the light winds. Then a front came in and I made the stupid decision to stay out, rather than come back in and change down. Predictably I got pounded. Sadly I didn't get any footage of the fun bit, only the carnage afterwards.

Stopping for lunch

Andrew organises the annual Undertow Larc trip each year, which leaves from the marina at the Town of 1770. The Larc is an original US army Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessel. It was operated by Neil Mergard, who runs the 1770 Larc Tours.

Setting up kites

The day started out a bit light, but it was perfect for me. I went out on my Tabout Rocket with the rear strap mods, which actually make it quite a good crossover board for wave sailing, as it has modest tail rocker and plenty of buoyancy in the nose. I actually had one of the best wave sessions I have ever had, its just a shame I turned the GoPro camera off 10 seconds after I turned it on -- oops :(

Nev & Morgan

Nev and Morgan

Posted by Henry Thomas, 9 years ago on Saturday, April 7, 2012


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