Wither Wind

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Our insipid winter winds have arrived...

Its always a worry when the crew is packing up when you arrive - 10/10 day, 10/10 company, 5/10 conditions. This was a short late afternoon session, ripping up and down the channel. Only got half an hour in before the wind died and that as they say was that ;)

Wither wind session with GPS tracks on satellite map

Only few quick runs before the slogging began, but like always I thought to myself, just one more time, but there really was no more wind.

Its a funny thing, slogging, it has both an upside and a down side. If the wind picks up, then you are the first on the water - because you are on the water! - so you maximise your planing time. This works well on big boards, because slogging is pretty easy going and not nearly as tiring. On low volume boards it is the exact opposite. If the wind is not blowing hard enough to plane, the board drag kills your arms, and tires you out, so its best to come in, or else you will be too knackered if and when the wind picks up. This is why a lot of windsurfers own several boards, its much quicker to change boards than rig a new sail - or else you can just wait it out for conditions to improve.

Gavin and I tend to take a 360 degree view of each outing. If its a beautiful sunny day then that gets a 10/10 score. If your mates are there and your all having a great time hanging out together then give a 10/10 score for company. Now if the conditions aren't great say 5/10 the total score is still 25/30 - which really isn't bad. If you just focus solely one the wind, you can miss out on everything else that is going on around you. For me its the whole package. Even a blistering session isn't as fun if there is no-one there to enjoy it with you ;)

Posted by Henry Thomas, 10 years ago on Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Mat Watkins said...

I feel your pain the walk back from the point is a pain. why does it die out when your out can't it wait till you are at least half way home? I gotta say I am a Kiter, but I dig the pole thing to. Never know I might try again one day!

Posted 10 years ago on Thursday, May 19, 2011

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