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A perfect day

What can I say, bright sunny day, cranking 20+ knot SE winds, flat water. A perfect day to practice gybing.

Cranking session with GPS tracks on satellite map

The wind forecast was for 20+ knot winds from about 11am onwards, and it didn't disappoint.

Seabreeze wind report

As you can see, the south-easterly was also pretty steady, only gusting a few knots. My peek speed for the day was about 23 knots.

Low tide

The tide was running out, which meant, flat water blasting. Ian and Royce were out wavesailing off coonarr joined by Lindsey on his new C4 kite. The other kitesurfers mostly stuck to the channel.

Lindsey, Royce and Julia

Lindsey, Royce and Julia - finished for the day

Lindsey and Royce

Lindsey and Royce



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