An Epic Start to Summer

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A session that just got faster and faster!

Two days of blistering speed. 18-25 knot winds gusting above 30 at times. Everyone was there, Gav, Nev, Royce and John - plus all the kitesurfers - too numerous to mention. I was on my trusty Tabou Rocket 140 with my 5.9 North Duke wave sail. On Saturday I was over powered and on Sunday I started under powered, but then it was just right.

I looked on Windfinder earlier this week and was surprised to see a weekend forecast lit-up all green (18+ knots). Its a long time since I have seen a forecast like that. Then on Friday night it all seemed to fizzle, the forecast hand turned blue (12 knots). But fortunately the Bureau begged to differ, predicting even stronger winds.

The Saturday winds were extreme

As I was packing the car I didn't know what to bring, 11m2 no, 9m2 no, 7.5m2 yes but I hope not, 6.5m2 yes that would be nice, 5.9m2 yes that would be awesome, 5.1m2 in your dreams, 4.0m2 forget about it...

When I finally turned up, everyone was there, Gav, Royce, Nev and John - who was smiling for a change - plus all the kitesurfers - too numerous to mention. It also turned out I was wrong, I should have brought my 5.1m2 and my 4.0m2, the wind was that strong!

Saturday session

The Saturday session was extreme and brutal, I got catapulted at least 5 times. It has been such a long time since we have had anything like this, it took me quite a while just to get my rig and board tuned right. First I rigged my 6.5 and was totally overpowered. Next I rigged my 5.9 and was still overpowered. But that was the smallest I had packed, so I put on maximum downhaul and flattened the outhaul as much as I could without making the sail too twitchy. I really wished I brought my smaller sails. Gavin had a 4.7 and was screaming, but totally in control. My sail was twitchy, and when my Tabout Rocket is over powered by a gust it just won't slow down, so you just have to hang on for as long as you can.

Sunday started a light but then it was perfect

When Sunday came around I had learned my lesson, the car was packed with everything. The forecast was for something a bit lighter. When I turned up, Gav had just left and Nev and Royce were having lunch. John was just coming in from an epic wave session wearing a pink harness Gav had lent him - his had self-destructed in the ocean.

I had come a bit later and miss the high tide - it was a king tide and the river mouth can get quite rough. Quarter tide and the river mouth starts to settle down. The guys said the winds was lighter than the day before, but more consistent. Royce thought I should rig my 6.5 - he was probably right - but I decided to rig my 5.9 and set it a bit baggy instead. My arms were tired from the day before and I didn't want to be over powered again.

Sunday session

The session started slow, I was under powered and getting passed by kites left and right. I considered coming in and changing up, but a squall was coming so I decided to hang on. Then it was perfect. My 5.9m2 North Duke was light and responsive and perfectly tuned from the day before so I was absolutely blasting along, level pegged with the bigger kites, and passing the smaller ones. The south side of the river mouth - just in from Coonar - was a bit choppy, but kite free, so I did long speed runs which were great. However I had to stay out of the straps, because I was just a bit underpowered in the lulls and the board would stall if I stayed strapped in.

All in all it was an Epic weekend!

Posted by Henry Thomas, 10 years ago on Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Lindsay said...

A truly epic weekend no doubt about it!

Posted 10 years ago on Friday, October 22, 2010

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