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October 12, 2012 Online Gear Calculator jeff Irvin

Thanks Henry I've just picked up a second hand Go 155 off seabreeze Will post on my efforts with it

Cheers Jeff

October 9, 2012 Online Gear Calculator Henry Thomas

Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the sport and great to hear that the videos helped. Planning to make some more this summer.

I would advise on getting the Starboard Go. True, the Bic techno is a great and very tough board, but the construction leaves a sharp lip around the outside edge which can cut your shin very easily. My mate Gavin has a Techno 147l, but ended up purchasing a new Go 171l after enjoying using my Go board so many times.

Regarding the Go - what can I say - its big, stable, planes early when you get your feet into the outboard straps, its great for learning and progressing and is still the board I use the most because it reliably handles the broadest range of conditions.

Its only limitation is when it gets too rough on the water, or when waves get too big. Still rough choppy conditions pretty much suck no mater what board you are riding, and you are not going to get any waves on lake Cootharaba anyway.

The only other board you may consider is a longboard like a Starboard WindSUP (10' or 12'). My only criticism of the Go is that it is a bit of a barge, so not very fun in sub-planing conditions. So here is the rub - if you can go windsurfing whenever the conditions are optimal - i.e. you have flexible work hours and an understanding wife, then a short wide board is a blast, however if you can only get out on set days like Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon, then a longboard may be better, because you can SUP, surf, light wind windsurf and plane - all with the same board. Obviously its a compromise all round board, but its still worthy of consideration.


October 9, 2012 Online Gear Calculator jeff Irvin

Hello Henry Really appreciate the videos- thanks

Been at it for the past 9 months - returning to the sport after an unsuccessful try in my early 30's now in my 50's!

When should a beginner consider a suggested intermediate board?

I had my first successfull planning sessions thanks mainly to your videos on planning the lazy way and taking the advice to get into a harness.

Following your lead Im in a dakine seat harness.

My board is a fantic viper 220l 85cm wide. Im 6ft and weigh 90kg. Use mainly a north 6.5 sail and generally sail at lake Cootharaba. Thanks to a friend getting out of the sport I have 6m, 5m, 4m and 3.7m sails - too many!!

My main question - shoulsd i be looking at a next board now or wait!

I have access to old school boards - bombora 295 and F2 comet. I can uphaul on the comet but the bombora is a handfull. I haven't tried planing on eithe of these boards. I can beach start both of them.

Having enjoyed the experience of planning so much I want to spend money on the sport!!

Currently 2 secondhand boards take my interest- 1. A 2007 Starboard Go - 249 cm, 155 litres mainly because I like what you say about the board.

2.2000 Bic Techno 283 152 litres - good online reviews

The calculator suggests 147 litres as a first short board.

So what do you suggest? Stay with what Ive got or spend some money?

The other motivation to buy a second board is my 11yo daughter and 8yo son had a training day and want their own gear. This to me suggests the Go 155 may be the better choice.

cheers Jeff

August 25, 2012 Online Gear Calculator Henry Thomas

Hi Jacek,

With that board you will be able to plane - as you have plenty of volume. With your weight with a 6.5 sail you will need about 20 knots to get planing. So you may want to look into getting a bigger sail depending on what your prevailing wind conditions are like. See if you can find a wind rose chart for where you sail and work out what the wind speeds are likely to be on average. Then use the gear calculator here to figure out what you might need. If you are just learning, the 6.5 is going to be a hand full anyway, so yo may want to just practice getting into the straps etc, then go out on a stonger day. I learned to plane on my Starboard GO with a 5m sail in winds gusting to 26 knots. The great thing about a smaller sail is they are lighter and easier to handle when you are learning.

August 25, 2012 Online Gear Calculator Jacek Polubiec

Great website. Here are some specs followed by a question: Sailor's weight 270lb Board 271cm by 85.5cm 171L (Starboard 2011 GO 171L) Fins 52cm (standard) or MFC 40cm Weed Sail 6.5m Gaastra

Question: What wind speed should be sufficient for this combination to plane?

May 1, 2011 Online Gear Calculator James Douglass

Wow, that's really nice! I can't think of anything I would do differently. Well done. :)



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