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June 9, 2013 Tabou Rocket Mods Joe windsurfer
Just to complete the story from my side... I still have my Fanatic Ultra CAT longboard and now also have a BIC Techno Formula which is 94 cm wide. With my 95-100 kilos i can plane from about 10-12 knots using my 10-oh. Between these two(2) boards - over 80 % of my sailing is covered. I have started to use the 8.4 on the Free Formula , which means we are approaching over 90 % of my sailing with the 2 boards... I am now considering selling my 160 litre/79 cm board. That is - once i am proficient with my 7-oh on the 124 litre board. As you say - GET REAL - and rig for the local conditions. Some locals only go when 20 + knots and are wind chasers. I am happy for them, but that does not work for me .... Hope others are learning from our perspective on this !!! good winds joe
December 13, 2011 Tabou Rocket Mods Joe windsurfer
thx again. I do have am okay 7-oh with cams and an old 6-oh that i use for ice windsurfing. The smaller sails - even 7-oh mean i am in choppy conditions. Thus the need for a smaller board - probably 135 would be ideal as you say - this is what Tinho Dornellas was suggesting as well......As you say, the most important next step is "get in the straps".. Wish i had seen your videos sooner. Better than Jem Hall !! :-) thx again
December 13, 2011 Tabou Rocket Mods Joe windsurfer
Hey Rig Geek Thanks for your prompt and thorough response!!! Like you, I have discovered that I truly enjoy the lighter winds. Anything over 20 knots starts to feel a little intense. Not to say it is not fun. Just like to avoid some of those situations you mentioned. Gear problem is one thing, but weather, water and/or fatigue can get serious quickly.. So, what I have done is purchased a 1990’s Fanatic Ultra CAT this summer and was out planing one day with my MS-2 8-oh while all the kites and boards sat on the beach !! This board goes well with the 8-oh and cruises nicely with my TR-4 10-oh. Once the wind hits 15 knots, I start to consider the AHD 160 with the 8-oh. I can push the board hard and my feet are on the rails at the straps. I have a strap phobia -- straps are at the inward position and I am now considering moving them out since that is where my feet are already! I also purchased a 2000 Fanatic BEE 124 LTD last fall. It was NOT expensive and I wanted to see how I could handle the volume. I can actually uphaul the 8-oh and even schlog home if need be. Wrote a small piece on my blog about uphauling on smaller shortboards … However, there were not many winds to use that board this year. That is why I was wondering if it is worthwhile to have a board inbetween with more flotation. This summer was such a write off !!! Had about 60 outings with over 50 % on a longboard (have a BIC Dufour too – used b4 the CAT) and over 85 % were with the 8.0/8.5!! The 124 is to have me practice shortboard skills and whether there needs to be a board with more liters and width. Think we are in the same category – “older” heavyweights with not too many years on the new shortboards. I weigh 100 kilos, am over 50 and have had what I call 3 good shortboard years – the first one did not count. What this sport brings to us is sport, fun, camradery, and health conscience. I lost about 25 pounds since I started and still jog inbetween summer and winter windsurfing. Yes, I windsurf on ice and snow  Broke my left shoulder testing my first prototype … Now all I gotta do is move where I can windsurf year-round too… Keep up the words and videos !!! joe windsurfer
December 12, 2011 Tabou Rocket Mods Joe windsurfer
You say that you read many reviews on the Rocket before purchasing. But how did you decide on the volume? Is 160 to 140 not a very small drop ?? I too am a heavyweight at 100 kilos and use an AHD 160 liter 79 cm wide board. It is best with 8-oh/8.5 sails. Some have suggested I go to 125 liters from 160. So, how did you decide on 140 and are looking to go even smaller? thx joe windsurfer ntw nice site and vids


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