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September 28, 2011 Nevs board repair - PART 2 Wardy
I've got heaps of vacuum bagging sealant if ya ever need any.
May 16, 2011 Elliott Heads Board Riders Association? Wardy
i'll get onto aksa and see if they've got more info for us. Chamber of commerce idea sounds good. Was talking to a mate on last surf trip out reef. Sounds like he works for the company that is designing the plans for elliott heads. He reckons it looks alright, but he did raise the issue of kiters and windsurfers that use the area and sounds like the councellors are pretty ignorant. Sounds like plans still have to be approved. Might see if can chase him up and see if he can get us a copy of latest plans. Would be good to have our own base/clubhouse down there. Thats why i chased up council the other year about the shed down there. They basically said they'de give it to us if we had a reason(club) and the clubbies didn't mind as they technically have it at the moment but don't use it. In the new plans toilets/ shed going. So we'll have to make some noise if we want to keep it, or maybe they could build us a new one. Anyway i'm sure theres lots of good ideas we can work on. But first things first, lets get it goin. Last time i talked to sport and rec you just needed enough guys to form a committe and 150 bucks or so to get it incorporated so no members are personally liable and fill out some paperwork.
May 15, 2011 Elliott Heads Board Riders Association? Wardy
Sounds like a good idea. It's come up a few times over the years and i've looked into it a bit. I think the timing is pretty right now as the crew is growing and i think we have enough dedicated guys to make it work. Looks like changes are coming so it would be good for us to have a say as we use it the most. Think boardriders is probably a good call gives a broader base for membership. However the kiting crew will by far be the majority, so i guess it's all good as long as kiters needs are addressed. As far as insurance for kiters goes, we can do it by joining up everyone through the australian kitesurfing association. They'd be keen to help premiums did go up this year a lot to about 100- 120. The good thing is if we have a local club a portion of this fee comes directly back to the local organisation which wouldn't have otherwise. Would be best to try and have all active riders joined up so if shit did ever happen at least we can say our members are insured, how many will is another matter. Could also have a social membership, cheaper for crew that just want to be involved and don't ride. Also sup's will probably be a growing area into the future. Should try and get it sorted while there is wind and momentum is building. How about we get a meeting organised for next weekend?. Be plenty of crew around with the wind this week, could let them know


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