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August 15, 2011 Learning to Plane Johan
Went out for a quick session today. Tried the fanatic shark 135 (a bit on the small side) and what a difference. That board just wanted to get going and it felt ok to step back on it, and it was soo much nicer to stand on also... Anyway, did not plane or go too far with it due to the size and the very choppy conditions, so we swapped back and I used mine (RRD evo L 360) The mast foot position definitely helped a bit. Got tired in the arms and had to hook in, but got planing in no time =D I spent the rest of the time just learning to deal with the harness, the chop and gusts. Also tried learning that when speed picks up the back foot steers the board (too much used to light wind cruising). Still, I feel that I will not be able to get to far back on it - but what a feeling just hook in, sit/hang down and get away =) Thanks So very much for the pointers and help. Off course others have said similar things but getting it from you helped more and felt more valid than from some 65kg guy that can walk around the board without it even noticing it =D Will edit what I got from the GoPro and post it to my youtube channel jr555se -johan
August 10, 2011 Learning to Plane Johan
yes. That forward dragging feeling is what I get as well when hooking in. tried longer line setting(32inches) and it felt better. I think like you I need to hook in early since the sailsize and surge is massive and tiring trying to hang low and put mast foot pressure.. thank you! I think this is what I need.. -johan
August 9, 2011 Learning to Plane Johan
Thank you. have tried different mast track positions even furthest back(thinking it will help fin to get more lift) However I have not tried it all the way up front just a few centimeters from that, where it made me being able to go further back on the board I remember. I wonder however since my board is quite narrow in the tail area, at least compared to AHD fast forward and the Fan. Shark. Which also my limited biggest sail size confirms (8.0 is max) The rig is trimmed pretty well, mosty using the sailloft bionic sl 8.5m with cambers. I have the boom very high though and read about a heavy guy having it lower to get more push on the frontfoot. Cant recall where it is but around nose height since I feel it is easier to hang like a monkey from it then. I feel unsecure hooking in before being in the front strap in those winds(very gusty area) But it seems that it is what we with more weight may have to do then =/ to get all weight off. Will look at that video again and see if I can spot some more differences =) Thanks once again and thanks for a very helpful and interesting webpage! -johan
August 9, 2011 Learning to Plane Johan
Having some issues myself to get onto plane. Are around 95kg:s and find the tail sinking even if standing with back foot in front of front straps. Also feels like rear leg is weighted fully. Any hints and thoughts how you do it? Also, Measured the Rocket with my RRD evo and tail is about the same. And the Rocket(145) is aming to the heavier crowd, I just cant get that.. Do you find it digging in the tail? -johan


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