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October 12, 2012 Online Gear Calculator jeff Irvin

Thanks Henry I've just picked up a second hand Go 155 off seabreeze Will post on my efforts with it

Cheers Jeff

October 9, 2012 Online Gear Calculator jeff Irvin

Hello Henry Really appreciate the videos- thanks

Been at it for the past 9 months - returning to the sport after an unsuccessful try in my early 30's now in my 50's!

When should a beginner consider a suggested intermediate board?

I had my first successfull planning sessions thanks mainly to your videos on planning the lazy way and taking the advice to get into a harness.

Following your lead Im in a dakine seat harness.

My board is a fantic viper 220l 85cm wide. Im 6ft and weigh 90kg. Use mainly a north 6.5 sail and generally sail at lake Cootharaba. Thanks to a friend getting out of the sport I have 6m, 5m, 4m and 3.7m sails - too many!!

My main question - shoulsd i be looking at a next board now or wait!

I have access to old school boards - bombora 295 and F2 comet. I can uphaul on the comet but the bombora is a handfull. I haven't tried planing on eithe of these boards. I can beach start both of them.

Having enjoyed the experience of planning so much I want to spend money on the sport!!

Currently 2 secondhand boards take my interest- 1. A 2007 Starboard Go - 249 cm, 155 litres mainly because I like what you say about the board.

2.2000 Bic Techno 283 152 litres - good online reviews

The calculator suggests 147 litres as a first short board.

So what do you suggest? Stay with what Ive got or spend some money?

The other motivation to buy a second board is my 11yo daughter and 8yo son had a training day and want their own gear. This to me suggests the Go 155 may be the better choice.

cheers Jeff


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