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May 14, 2013 Learning to Waterstart Luis Canhoto
Hi Henry! ......I did it for the first time !! It was very simple. Just recover the rigg ......pointing the direction and GO.....Thank you for your tips. The next step is " footstraps" .
April 9, 2013 Learning to Waterstart Luis Canhoto
Hi Henry, Let me present myself. My name is Luis, I'm, 44 , 95 Kg weight, and I´m Portuguese. I´ve started windsurfing recently ( about 2 years ) , and as usual I´ve looked in the Internet for Vid´s about Windsurf Techniques. As You´ve said they often treats us ( beginners ) as "nerds" and make it to ( dam much ) easy . Fortunately I found your videos in the Youtube and discover your site. I found your tips very complete and ( really) easy to understand, emphasysing what is really important abou waterstat . In my next Windsurf session I´ll try your tips , and I´m sure i will succeed this time. I´ll let you know then ! :) Thank you, Luis


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