Unseasonal Sessions

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I am still benched...

Compared to last winter, this one has been unseasonal. All those predictions I made about rare sessions, few and far between have been unfounded. We seem to be averaging about the same amount of time on water as summer, with lovely blue sky days, and perfect conditions. Sadly I am still benched from my car accident injuries - the whiplash being more debilitating than I had realised - but I expect to venture back out in a few weeks. In the mean time, I captured some of the local action, this time focusing on some of the Kite surfers I haven't vimeoed before.

All in all another awesome day, cold bear, great company and perfect weather.







Before and after

Ray and Al

Ray and Al

Alan had a panorama of Elliot Heads from 1993 and another from last year (below), showing just how much it has changed over the years. We are still watching the depression half way along the sandspit, hoping the tidal currents will eventually break though and return the basin to a south easterly orientation.

Elliot heads - before and after

Elliott Heads - 1993 and 2010

Beach Golf

Justin proposes some beach golf

Alan, Ray and Justin - anyone up for golf?

Later in the day, the boys had packed up and decided to try out Justin's driver. Luckily there were only four golf balls or it might have got out of hand. One ball almost hit a kite as it fell just short of the island. One sliced way to the left - that's not where its supposed to go Alan!

Al tees up the ball

Alan tees up the ball

.. and takes a swing

... and takes a swing.

Posted by Henry Thomas, 7 years ago on Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Mat Watkins said...

Thanks for the footage Henry and again I didn't make it for a good session or the camera LOL. Hope that your back on the water soon it looks like it going to be a cracker of a season.

Posted 7 years ago on Thursday, September 15, 2011

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