Smooth East South Easterly

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A Steady 15-18 kt Session Beckons

I picked up the Kids from school and the wind was up a bit more than the forecast so I decided to take them down to Elliot Heads Kiosk for and ice-cream and I took my camera along for a sticky-beak.

Seabreeze wind report

Royce was just coming in from a one and a half hour session off Coonar with his medium board and a 6m2 sail. He said Nev had been out earlier but has already packed up and left. The beach was otherwise empty, except for Andrew who I didn't recognise because he was on a new kite and Alan was out the front carving up the slushy swell.

Kites ready on the beach

That didn't last long - by the time the kids had finished their ice cream everyone started turning up.

Ray, Caleb, Morgan, Justin and some new young kitesurfers I haven't met yet.

Ray and ???

Ray and Ben

Ray setting up the lines

Morgan with Kite, Andrew and Ray

Ray was helped others with their kites, his rib injury is still bothering him.

Andrew and Justin

Andrew, Justin and Ben launching his kite

Andrew and Justin

Andrew and Justin

Later on, Justin turned up and managed to get a session in.

Everyone headed out the front for a blast in the slushy low tide swell so I waded out onto the sandbar and got some reasonable shots. Its hard to know who to aim the camera at - you follow someone who is doing nothing only to miss someone else getting extreme air. Later they all came back in for some smooth flat water runs.

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