Ray's jump & drag

Ray doing a mid-air jump and launch

What do kite surfers do for kicks on a light wind day?

The light winter winds are driving us all crazy. Session after session of disappointment either leads to apathy or desperation. Ray and Kaleb have developed a pretty cool light wind technique - which works as long as there is enough wind hold the kite in the air. Ray starts with a jump and mid-air launch off the bank, landing on his board with his kite in the power zone.

Ray landing in the water

By the time Ray hits the water his feet are in the straps and his Kite is fully powered - at least as much as it can be in such light conditions.

Ray starting to plane

Its an impressive start as Ray jumps on the plane, but as the kit moves to the edge of the window, there simply isn't enough power to cut upwind.

Ray stalling at the edge of the window

With the kite starting to stall, the only thing to do is leave the kite in the power zone and get dragged down wind.

Ray dragging down wind in the power zone

With the kite in the power zone once again the board lifts out of the water as Ray carves S's down the channel.

Ray's ride is almost up

Finally as the brief ride comes to an end, Ray step off and begins a slow walk back up the beach to start again.

Some may knock it, but as far as I am concerned any time on the water in light winds is good practice for when conditions improve.

Posted by Henry Thomas, 11 years ago on Saturday, July 24, 2010


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